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Welcome to DoStrength!

*Kettlebell Classes & Workshops
*Personal and Group Training
*Nutrition Improvement Planning
*Weight Loss / Fat Loss
*Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching
*Self-Defence Instruction


 Committed to Physical Culture! 


As one of the most highly certified trainers in Vancouver, with 15+ years of training experience, I specialize in Systems, not Methods.  This means you can learn how to train YOURSELF after a few short months, whether or not you continue with Personal/Semi-Private, Small-Group, or Kettlebell+ Group training.


For uncompromising self-defence, Wing Tsun Kung Fu classes and private lessons will give you the means to reliably defend yourself with the shortest learning curve. Another system using the least number of tools, to get the greatest results.


For more information on the systems I teach, please visit the Your Trainer page.  You will find links to the certifying organization’s websites and can do a little research to see why they are leading the way in helping us achieve high-level performance with the absolute lowest risk of injury.

I’m always happy to meet for a complimentary, no-commitment consultation. Click here to get in touch!

Training often, without setbacks, is the surest way to success!

“Consistency Trumps Intensity” – Mark Reifkind, Master Trainer

Yours in Strength, Health and Happiness,

Steve McMinn