50+ Men’s Vitality Group Training

Discussions with many of my clients about their fathers and husbands made me realize there was a real and pressing need to start a training group specifically for men 50 years old and up.

These men have been noticing a physical decline, and they are not too happy about it!

Many men in this age group cannot touch their toes, and are losing other parts of their “movement bandwidth” as well.

Lets look at the ideal movement bandwidth of a two year-old.  They can squat all the way down, touch their toes, do the splits, lift their legs up high, and have perfect posture. As we age, this bandwidth will of course narrow, often quite considerably. The problem comes when it narrows to a point where we have to start doing things like sitting down to tie our shoes, find we often catch our toes on uneven pavement, feel aches and pains where there were none before, and notice our posture has become slouched and lacks the powerful presence it once had.

One very common problem for men over 50 is the development of the dreaded “old man shuffle” and the resulting “khaki curtain”.  What exactly is this “khaki curtain”?  Well, we have all seen the older gentleman who has lost his upper-back posture, resulting in the hips shifting back to keep the weight above the feet. This tightness in the front of the hip causes the buttocks to shut off and start to atrophy, resulting in the disappearance of a nicely shaped and powerful rear end, and the appearance of a loose curtain in the slacks where it used to fill them out!

This guy…                            Or this guy!  The choice is yours.

The big deal here is not the lack of a nice looking pair of buns, but rather a worsening tightness in the hips and upper-back, decreasing the movement bandwidth, and leading to a loss of athleticism, higher risk of fall-related injuries, and the inevitable pain that comes with poor postural alignment.

Sounds pretty bleak, doesn’t it?  Well, it is easily corrected with a little physical education and a some hard work. In no time, the man over 50 will feel younger and more vital, being able to do more physically than he thought he ever could, and then some!

Many men have revitalized themselves through such training, and perhaps none more than the physical specimen that is now Irvin!

Irv’s story is quite amazing, and before we go on, I urge you to read all about it by clicking here.

Now that Irv has inspired you, here’s what I’ve put together…

**On Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6am, I have room for 2-3 men (one has already signed up), 50+, who are starting to notice a physical decline and want to do something about it.

Together, this group of like-minded and like-bodied men will learn how to turn back the hands of time through the practice of Physical Culture.**

We stretch and mobilize stiff muscles & joints, stabilize the movement patterns that every human should own, and strengthen the muscles and lungs to levels perhaps never before felt.

As an added bonus, this training (and nutrition advice) will naturally boost the body’s testosterone levels, leading to an increase in confidence, a feeling of greater personal power, and of course elevated desire in the bedroom (yes, I went there, because it’s true!).

Group members also receive a customized strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility program to do on their days away from the group, which I track daily to help them stay consistent!

The investment for this group training is $399 monthly. The group will go ahead as soon as I find at least 2 men dedicated to improving the quality of their lives, and becoming as awesome as our friend Irv!  The group maxes out at 4 men to ensure all lifting and exercising is done safely, with proper supervision and coaching.

Think of it as Personal Training, at half the cost of one-on-one!

Make sure to get back to me quickly to secure a spot, and we’ll get the ball rolling on a powerful body and mind for your second half-century and beyond!!!

When you are ready to turn back the clock, and get fitter than you ever thought possible, contact me and we will make it happen!

If you are ready to commit to your strength and health now, here you go: