DoYoga with Olya

The DoYoga Yin classes take place Thursday evenings
from 6:45 pm – 8:00 pm here at DoStrength Studio,
4439 W 10th Avenue

DoYoga is taught in a small-group format, limited to 10, an ideal class size for everyone to experience focused personal time with the instructor and learn at an accelerated pace.

Whether you need pliability & mobility work to properly recover from your strength-training, or desire a relaxing meditative practice for peace and calm at the end of your day, the surrender of Yin Yoga is the perfect complement, allowing you to steep in your own existence, enough as you are.

Apart from the subtle meditative gifts of Yin Yoga, you will notice a measurable progression of flexibility. Yin practice offers longer holds to target deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body.

Practicing Yin Yoga softens the flurry of the many societally and self-imposed pressures, and reduces stress levels, hence fostering the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate… so you can do more…by doing less.

Opening up takes time. Join us, and take the time to open up.

*For experienced yogis, this smaller class will refine your regular yoga practice and allow you to get more out of the other larger groups you may practice with.

*For beginners, this is the perfect class for you, where your form & posture questions will all be answered, and your yoga practice will see great improvement weekly!

You’ll never have to wonder “Am I doing this right?”

Introducing your teacher:


For the past few years, Olya has been teaching yin/restorative on retreats and privately, as she believes in an intimate setting that allows for a relationship to unfurl.

Yin / restorative for her is about being held in time and space, for healing to occur. It takes trust to allow oneself to be held in space/time, and continuity is essential to developing trust – so she understands completely the importance of a consistent practice.

Olya usually themes her classes around elements, creating a beautiful framework for experiencing our inner landscape.
She believes one is to have fun, always!

Her Yin Yoga teaching encourages the use of props and provides a generous amount of hands-on manipulation – whether tweaking alignment, facilitating the depth of experience, or neck/head/feet massages in Savasana.

Olya believes touch is healing, touch is trust and that trust takes us places we otherwise wouldn’t go.

And, here’s the bright and spacious DoStrength studio:

DoYoga Rate:
6-class pass (8-week expiry): $149

Class size is limited to 10, so sign up soon to ensure your spot!