From Precision Nutrition: All About Indoor Air Pollution

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I’ve included the sysnopsis below… 

Indoor air pollution can be a serious and potentially deadly problem. But by taking a few simple steps you can reduce your risk and improve the quality of the air in your home.

  • Test your home for radon in your air and water, and if necessary install an appropriate radon mitigation system.
  • Use mostly unscented personal care and household cleaning items to decrease exposure to potentially irritating and harmful chemicals.
  • Don’t smoke, especially indoors.
  • Whenver possible, if purchasing pressed wood furniture and cabinetry (such as cribs, rocking chairs, dressers) ensure it has the GreenGuard symbol.
  • Purchase a HEPA filter for your bedrooms, kitchen, home office and/or wherever you spend the most time in your home.
  • Grow plants throughout your home to help remove dangerous gases.
  • Maintain appropriate ventilation and humidity levels in your home. Use dehumidifiers and exhaust fans if necessary.
  • Try to open several windows in your home for at least 15 minutes per day, weather permitting.
I recommend you check out the full article, as it goes into useful details.