Portable PosturePacks

The portable PosturePack contains all you need to strengthen your posture, and escape from the terrible, yet very preventable, future of Text Neck!

The exercises using the tools in the PosturePack can soon be found here on the videos page.

Included in the PosturePack:

  • Draw-string Carry Bag to conveniently take your posture improvement tools wherever you go.
  • Red Strength Band to add resistance to the anti Text Neck exercises, and supercharge your postural muscles.
  • A set of 3 each of two strengths of elastic band, to strengthen the extensor muscles in your hands.
  • Lacrosse Ball to massage out poor-posture-caused trigger-points in your back and chest.
  • Golf ball to massage , loosen, and hydrate the connective tissue in your feet. Proper posture starts from the ground up!
  • A laminated copy of my Text Neck Exercise Guide, for easy reference, and to make sure you DO the exercises regularly!


Get started on the future of your powerful posture by clicking here to purchase your PosturePack for only $34.99, plus shipping.