I Practice What I Preach – Part 3

Six weeks ago, I read about a weight-loss study that showed 3/4 of the participants reaching their target weight in 16 weeks by following standard weight-loss measures but also taking a weekly photo. Since I'm trying to shed the extra 10lbs I gained while injured and rehabbing, I figured why not add this to the equation? As you can see, it works! I am now on week 6 (week 1-4 pics posted), and have lost a total of 6.5lbs. The weekly photo has been an amazing source of motivation! Wanting to see a change in the photos week to week is what really inspired me to finally get back to regular training and a cleaner diet, after an over 4 month layoff. Okay, I know I could still have eaten well, but I'm human and got a little down about the whole thing! 😐 Nonetheless, add this to your weekly routine, and see how it works for you. I'll bet it does!!! #DoStrength #instafit #inspiration #fitspo #weeklypicture #fatloss #weightloss #consistency #fightingweight #strength #health #happiness #do #study #transformation #motivation #personaltrainerinvancouver #vancouvertrainer

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