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Small-Group Training

Small Group Personal Training sessions are perfect for friends, family, or co-workers. Group size is limited to 4. I feel this is the number that allows me to offer both the best value and the most beneficial amount of personal attention for each participant.

*Contact me if you would like to start a small group training session, and let’s talk about what days and times will work.

These types of Small Group sessions provide the benefits of a personal trainer with my experience and certification level at a more reasonable and sustainable price. I’m striving to teach as many people as possible how to eventually exercise on their own.

I call it a Self-Training Revolution, with a return to the ideas of Movement Joy and Physical Culture!

The training will include Functional Movement Screening with individual homework designed to fix any movement limitations or asymmetries.  This is important as the number two cause of injury comes from asymmetrical movement patterns.  The goal is to get you to be able to work at an optimal intensity while reducing injury risk and thus prolonging the time you have to train over your entire life.  You’ll learn where your natural physical shortcomings are and how to manage them.

Additionally, we will address whatever your varied fitness goals are and I’ll provide you with the tools to achieve them.  The brain-science at play is all the same, no matter the goal.  I’ve been using these techniques with my clients since the beginning of 2014 and have managed about a 20% increase in weight loss, for example.

You will be provided with a personal program to follow 1-3 times/week outside of the two weekly sessions. I will monitor your progress outside of the group and keep you on track & compliant through your accounts on my on-line client fitness log.

With the small group size, this is basically personal training but at less than half my one-on-one hourly rate.

Exercising in a group has actually been proven to be more successful in terms of weight-loss and strength/stamina gains. You’ll also become a more consistent exerciser as there are now others besides me to hold you accountable!

$399 for 4 weeks (8 sessions) – 4 Spots Available
Training is a minimum of 2x/week.

*Participants may need a kettlebell for home-training if you do not already have some equipment.  Max cost is $49.00. I’ll pick one up for you before the first session.