Some inspiring words from Luka Hocevar!

Luka Hocevar is a very inspiring dude!

He owns Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance, Seattle’s most results driven training facility.

Apart from having a staff of excellent trainers, Vigor Ground is recognized as one of the top gyms in the state of Washington for educational resources in the form of seminars, workshops and coaching programs.

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Luka a couple of times at workshops and have been very inspired by his fitness business and lifestyle methodology.

At first, I found this post of his particularly applicable to what I do for a living, but realized it’s also very helpful to ANYONE who feels they are not living up to their full potential.

We should all be happy with what we have now, but we can be HAPPIER when we achieve even more!!!

Check out what Luka has to say:




You have a genius, something that you can help people with. You’re keeping it inside because you’re afraid of judgment and rejection….so the end result is contraction, growing smaller or being stuck and staying the same.

 The rationalization becomes that things were “just not meant to be”….

 First, tell the TRUTH of where you are and where you WANT to be.

 Where there is truth there is clarity.

 Where there is clarity there is space.

 Where there is space there is clear commitment.

 And where there is clear commitment there is one thing needed to have it all…

 Doing. The. WORK.

 I’ll share a couple of insights from a wise man Jesse Elder that may have you consider that you are not stepping up and when you say you want to help people, are you REALLY committed to helping people (and in return earning what you are worth)?

 => “If you’ve got one thing that works good and you’re only sharing it with a handful of people, shame on you. Go help more people. If it helps one person, it’s going to help somebody else. Probably somebody who knows that first one. So get out there and help.”

 => “You have a responsibility if you have anything in you that’s made a difference for one person, you have a moral obligation to share it with the world. If you don’t, if you don’t share more of your talents and more of your genius, if you don’t get out there and assert yourself, then you will continually experience the inevitable consequences of that choice.”

 You will continue to experience the inevitable consequences of your choices. You are now.

 The best thing about it all, you can have different experiences.


 Make different choices and do the work!