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Steve’s Fat-Loss Challenge – Week 2

Here we are in week two, and I’m happy to say we have a total of 16lbs of body-fat lost, with everyone’s muscle mass either increasing or maintaining previous levels!

*Expect to see that number climb next week as a few more clients and class-members hit their first two-week weigh in date.

My fat-loss blackboard is showing down arrows for all but one person. It is important to remember that sometimes a bit of a backslide can happen, but when it does we must figure out why and then take steps to solve it. In this case, it was a bit of “anxious eating”. My suggestion? Make sure to have healthy snacks available and keep the unhealthy ones right out of the house!

Even though I am a slender dude genetically, my sweet tooth and love of starchy carb snacks (chips, pretzels, donuts) means that in order to maintain a healthy body I just do not have such things in the house. When my only choices are carrots, apples and other fruits and veg, I eat and enjoy them just as much, plus my energy levels stay even and my digestive system thanks me!

Do I cheat sometimes? Of course! After all, I’m only human : )

Now, let’s get to this week’s topics…

First of all, I want to get you started on tracking your food intake, exercise and fat-loss. This will be done via my online Fitness Tracker. The Tracker, pictured below is a simple and easy way to record a food-journal, your exercise sessions and your weight / body-fat percentage. Food journaling is a very effective way to change your eating habits as you are less likely to make a bad choice if you know it must be written down later : ) The only thing you need to do is be VERY honest! Remember, we are looking to identify bad habits so they can be replaced by better ones!

All you have to do to get an free account is email me at steve@fit4real.ca

Now, how do you measure your body fat?

The easiest and most accurate way (apart from the expensive test you can do at the UBC sports lab) is to hop on a bio-impedance scale. If you are a member at Steve Nash Fitness World, all clubs have one that can be used free by members. For those of you not in Vancouver or not members at a gym, click here for a simple online calculator that can give you a rough idea.

I also happen to have a bio-impedance scale and will be available this Saturday the 12th and next Saturday the 19th to measure you for free. Just come to Kinesiologists.ca at #101-2025 West Broadway @ Maple between 2:00pm and 2:45pm. Future weigh-in dates will be announced in a couple weeks.

For the Fat-Loss Challenge, I perform a weigh-in every two weeks to ensure progress is being made, and if not, adjustments can be quickly implemented!

Bio-impedance scale.

Why not just use a regular scale to measure weight-loss?

A good question!

A regular scale just tells you how much total weight you have lost and does not differentiate between fat-loss and lean-muscle loss! In order to make sure the way you are eating and exercising is losing you the right kind of weight ie body-fat, a scale that measures both must be used. Lean mass, or muscle, absolutely must be maintained or increased as it is this tissue that controls our resting metabolism (how much fat we burn while at rest). For example, eating too many carbs and not enough protein while training for strength and fat-loss will actually decrease your fat burning potential. Exactly the opposite of what we want to achieve!

Also, imagine if you lost 5lbs of fat and at the same time gained 3lbs of muscle. A regular scale will show only a 2lb weight loss and you may be discouraged as you feel you worked really hard and are not getting any results.

We have the technology to see what is really going on, so let’s use it!!!

This client was clear on why she needed to make a change. 5 years later, the weight is still off!

Last week, I had you make two lists in order to address the most important fat-loss strategy… the motivation to actually do it!

I hope you made those lists!

Without being clear on exactly why
you REALLY NEED to make a change, a real and lasting change is seldom made. Get a little disturbed! List #1 is there to make you realize the amazing possibilities, thus offsetting the current and future concerns of list #2!

The key to 80% of your weight loss success…

Now that you know where, when and why to get your body-fat measured, plus have written or re-read your lists, let me touch on the second most important aspect of fat-loss… what you eat!

This is where we have the most difficulty… but in the end, the best successes!

Now, there are a lot of diets out there, many good, many not-so-good and many just downright dangerous! In the end it usually comes down to a safe and informed personal choice on how and when you like to eat.

This being said, one thing we can all do is learn simple portion-control. A great way to learn this is through The Zone Diet, with a focus on eating good quality foods. The Zone Diet gets you away from the starchy carbs and into eating more fruits and vegetables. It also has you increasing your protein intake, thus helping you to build that lean mass needed for a faster metabolism. For those with kidney issues, consult your doctor for what an appropriate protein percentage would be for you.

Furthermore, The Zone Diet will teach you how to eat more good fats, essential for the health of your heart!

I have found two excellent articles to get you going on a healthy, fat-burning diet.
Thanks to Crossfit Impulse in Alabama for the well-written articles!

I urge you to take 10-minutes and read both articles. They will lay out all you need to know to start eating for health, strength and fat-loss. I’m not kidding! Like I have said before, the information is out there…

Your biggest challenge will be discarding the starchy and highly processed carbs. Trust me, fruits and vegetables will taste AMAZING if you give yourself the time to adjust!

Next Week:

I’ll give you a simple (not easy) set of exercises and a program to follow.
All exercises can be done at home and with no equipment!

I guarantee you’ll lose fat AND get stronger… as long as you follow the program!

Now, write or re-read your lists from last week, read this week’s articles and make your next trip to the grocery store the first step in your 3-month, 24-plus pound body-fat loss!

I look forward to seeing some of you over the next few Saturdays : )

Steve McMinn, RKC – Trainer
778 898 4649