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Success Stories

Thanks for your training in Vancouver, and helping us both get back on the plane to Australia with a lot less extra weight (nearly 44lbs between us)!
– Lucy and Richard B

Steve knows what he’s talking about, making it so apparent that fitness has been his life’s passion for a very long time. A great teacher, patient, enthusiastic. Is there a better way to learn from someone?
– Lawrence P

You should get up at 5:30 am and pay this guy to punch you in the stomach! Steve’s classes are fun and easy going, but he really keeps a good eye on you. When I started learning the kettlebells, I had the worst case of shoulder shrugging ever, and a really rounded back. Steve really keeps a good eye on his class, so you don’t make the same mistakes in form over and over and drills them out of you. He’s also got a lot of kettlebell knowledge, even after three months of class at three days I week I was still learning refinements in the basic kettlebell moves. Highly recommended!
– Kevin T

Kettle Bells? What are they!?! I had no idea, but I had been doing traditional gym workouts for ten years (even trained as an aerobics instructor) and my routine was stale and boring. Kettle Bells seemed like something new and exciting. Steve made me feel comfortable and confident in trying something new. He celebrates successes, no matter how small they may seem. His whole body (and mind) approach to fitness really worked for me, because our bodies are a system and all the bits have to work together (strong abs with weak everything else is not useful!). I gained a new level of fitness in four months with Steve that I never achieved in ten years on my own. But my biggest celebration came the day I completed a full body push-up! I was elated! Thanks Steve.
– Sandy M

It’s a shock to realize that I have been training with Steve twice a week for over three years now! I feel fabulous!  Thanks to our ‘1/2 Hour Of Power’ sessions I am always surprised how in 30 minutes he can have me feel like I’ve done a complete cardio workout and the next morning I realize that it was actually 30 minutes of muscle toning! He has been integral to me in achieving my ideal body shape and even more importantly in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Seeing such positive results continuously adds that extra bit of confidence and momentum to every aspect of my life.

– Nat M – www.siennaray.com

Steve works me hard and I complain (a lot!). But I keep coming back for more … I’ve dropped a dress size and gained muscle definition!

Maureen M

Steve’s relaxed yet thorough instruction style makes it easy to learn new exercises. I also find his programs to be challenging and very results-oriented. After only a few short weeks of training under Steve’s prescription I feel energized, happier and stronger. And I can do push ups now! Thanks for whipping my lazy ass into shape Steve!
– Jessica G. 

As much as I hate to admit it, I really like Steve’s classes!

I’m basically a lazy person but do enjoy the class once I get there. The main reason, besides being healthier and fitter, is his sense of humour. I couldn’t imagine exercising for an hour with someone who doesn’t have any, it makes the experience much much more fun. So, I would recommend Real Fitness in a heartbeat 🙂

– Dale H

Steve McMinn has really shown me to “work smarter” rather than harder. Simple effective work-outs done consistently have led to lower bodyfat and more muscle.

– Ken M  – Proud owner of a 320lb Deadlift

After almost six months working together, my training sessions with Steve continue to evolve and adapt. 

The workouts don’t involve sitting on the same old boring machine pumping weights – he always finds a new, innovative way to push and challenge me. Steve is a great motivator who doesn’t put up with excuses. He is knowledgeable and completely personalizes my exercises – when I’m heavily into my running program, he modifies what we’re doing at the gym to compliment that. I’ve lost weight, added muscle definition and feel really energized – Steve has taken me from a place where I couldn’t do 3 push ups – to a level where we regularly get through 40 or more.

Steve is a skilled trainer and a great guy – he definitely has my recommendation.

– Robin Stickley – Global News Anchor

I’ve been training on my own for 15 years, and it wasn’t until my training with Steve and the Kettlebell that I saw real results in such a short amount of time!  In just a few weeks I was bounding up the stairs to my condo, lifting heavy boxes at work with ease.. I feel way more balanced, strong, and aligned. My posture has improved ten-fold, and so has my surfing (after 3 long years of trying).

Thanks Steve…  couldn’t have done it without you!!

– Sam M, Kayaker, Surfer, Skiier

Steve’s real life approach to fitness is fun and challenging—and IT WORKS!  I’d hit a plateau with my regular gym workouts, but have seen major improvements in my fitness level since I started working with Steve–I’m leaner, stronger, have better cardio, and agility. I love the emphasis Steve places on functional fitness, useful strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance. His advice on nutrition and ways to fit exercise into a busy schedule have helped me integrate healthy habits into my life.  

Our sessions motivate me to keep challenging myself!

– Sharalyn J

I began training with Steve early in 2005. Within a few months I started to notice positive change in my body composition and strength. My strength and toning continue to improve! Steve’s training methods keep the workouts interesting while getting the job done! I would certainly recommend him to anyone considering personal training.

– Martin B

Steve is the best! From all my years of dance and various trainers… the changes to my physique have never been so dramatic… Steve you truly are elite… thank you for all you teach…for increased strength and the body transformation!

Siobhan H

I have been active all my life and last year decided to commit to working with a personal trainer.  Admittedly it is not easy choosing a personal trainer but Mr. Steve McMinn has worked out better than I had expected. Not only has he improved my core condition and strength he has worked on increasing my flexibility and posture. He is knowledgeable and always giving of information that will allow me to further improve my level of fitness. At the end of each session I feel I have gotten my moneys worth! I would recommend Steve for anyone who is committed to improve their overall fitness level.

– Warren W

It is my pleasure to comment on my experience as a client of Steve McMinn! At first, I was very skeptical as to the value of personal training. However, after several weeks of working consistently with Steve, I can say that I feel healthier and more positive than I have in years. In terms of his expertise, Steve’s knowledge of health and fitness is exceptional. As for his personal style, he has an extraordinary ability to inspire his clients. Steve has been an excellent trainer and mentor. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who feels ready to make a positive change in their health or lifestyle.<

– Cindy C

Training with Steve has been a tremendous boost to my fitness regimen!  It has also done wonders for my health & self-esteem. He is always mixing things up and creating combination moves to work my whole body simultaneously, and he pushes me farther than I would ever push myself. Further, I have seen a dramatic improvement in the stabilization and strength around my knee, which has been painful and problematic for years following a major skiing injury. I feel fitter and stronger than I have in years, and I’m addicted to how good my body feels after it’s been pushed to its limits! He’s not only my ‘boot camp’ master chief, but also my ‘Yoda’ – a wise and knowledgeable coach. I look forward to every workout!

– Sandy Struss – www.sandystruss.com

I’m so glad I signed up for training with Steve!  Now I actually like going to the gym! The program he designed for me actually works and I can see myself getting in better shape. PLUS, I look forward to going to our sessions as I really do have a blast (except for when he makes me do mountain climbers:)! I also really appreciate how he listened to what my goals were and made a program that was creative and incorporated a series of very effective exercises. I said I wanted triceps and he gave me triceps! Besides the fact that he is great at what he does, Steve is amazing with people and makes them feel comfortable in the gym. Without him, I wouldn’t have the motivation to get to the gym on such a regular basis and never would have seen the results I have if I had just been working out by myself. Thank you, for my triceps, for being my motivation when I didn’t have any and for helping me reach my fitness goals! Honestly, if it wasn’t for Steve I would have stopped going to the gym months ago as I felt like I was wasting my time. Because of the sessions we’ve had I’ve been able to see and continue to realize my true potential!

– Carly F

Steve is an absolutely great trainer to work with. His positive energy and constant motivation helped me to achieve my goals in every workout. He is always pushing the envelope further and by doing so he allowed me to improve my fitness level even faster than I assumed I could. He has lots of knowledge about different styles of training and nutrition which helped me correct my mistakes and thus unleash my full potential. I consider my sessions with him to be a fun time, a break from my working day, and a chance for a good laugh with a friend. I would highly recommend Steve as a personal trainer for anyone!

– Mak A

I’ve been seeing Steve for a few years now. I actually followed him after he left Fitness World because I felt that his style of training and motivation is still very challenging for me. I know that I ask for it, and I pay for it, but this last workout, if I had the use of my lower limbs right now I’d go to his place and kick his ass! Ouch.

– Kelly S

For years, I have tried unsuccessfully to improve my health and physical stamina on my own with no success.  I then  had the pleasure of working with Steve McMinn for 10 weeks one on one. With assumptions that a personal trainer would be very expensive I procrastinated even longer. It was then that I was introduced to Steve McMinn’s personal training and learned that its’ not expensive considering the long term benefits. Not only did I learn weight training and exercise techniques but I also learned that I had been doing most weight training moves wrong the whole time; no wonder I wasn’t seeing any results! Steve McMinn helped me to become more motivated on my own time and his classes are fun!!!! 

– Bobbi I

Not only has Steve greatly improved my post-forties physique…  I also enjoy his quirky humour and extensive fitness  knowledge. I look forward to my workouts!

– Connie L – www.greenpagesdirectory.net

Steve McMinn is a peach! Fuzzy on the outside, sweet underneath, but with a darkness in his core that translates into an all-too-healthy obsession with, er, everyone else’s core. Damn you, buns of Steve, for doing what no man has ever done: convincing me to do sumo squats before dawn!
– Roxane W

Having Steve as my personal trainer has given me a new outlook on life and taught me how to stay physically fit and active.  Also, he gives you the strength and support you need to reach your goals. Having Steve as my trainer for nearly three years has had a wonderful impact on my life and has shown me, with the right push, you can look as good as you want to! He has also made me realize that working out and exercising makes me feel great and amazing. I look forward to more training with him, he is the best!

– Aggie B