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Irv’s Amazing Story

If you think you are too old, too out of shape, or too far gone… you’ll soon have to change your mind!!!

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He can also be yours!

Here’s his story:

When I met Steve I had just undergone my 8th coronary by-pass, had high blood pressure and was a diabetic with my sugars barely under control!

I couldn’t ride my bike or even walk up a flight of stairs without holding onto the rail. I could do no pushups or pullups and needed to hold onto the arms of a chair to sit down. That was barely 1 year ago.

Today I am 12 lbs lighter, 4 inches slimmer, can bounce up long flights of stairs, do full (on my haunches) squats, do almost 3 consecutive pullups (I’m real close to 3) almost unlimited numbers of sets of 5 pushups, and actually run on a treadmill (5.5 mph at a bit of a slope) flat out for a full minute – and not throw up afterwards.

My blood sugars have stabilized, my HDLs, LDLs and Triglicerides are in a normal range (they never were before) and my blood pressure is in the 118/68 range (previously was 165/135).

I’m not a great swimmer, but my strength increases have allowed me to more than double my distance (I’m now at the swimming level of an average 12 year old boy) – but it’s a serious improvement for me. As soon as the weather improves a bit, I’m going to take up roller blading, and while I used to bowl occasionally, I’m now thinking that tennis might be more fun.

I now have a spring in my step, my posture has improved dramatically, and my chiropractor probably thinks that I’ve moved away or died (I should send him a card).

In case you’re wondering, I’ll be 64 shortly, although I feel like I’m in my mid to late 40’s, and that’s only after 1 year (almost)!

Irvin S F – Spring 2009

*Irv continues to improve and has since semi-retired with his lovely wife to my Ontario hometown, then recently moved back here!  So happy to be able to see him again, still in fine form!!!