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Hänel WT™ Self-Defence

Wing Tsun Kung Fu, a 300 year old Chinese Martial Art, offering uncompromising Self-Defence.

We learn and teach WT in the EWTO style, as interpreted by Wing Tsun Master Ralph Hänel of Wing Tsun Vancouver.

What you will learn a safe and ego-free training environment:

  • The most effective ways to avoid and prevent attacks happening in the first place
  • Strategies for de-escalation, before it gets physical
  • The safest and least-obvious way to prepare for immediate defense
  • How to fight while at the same time planning your escape
  • How to deliver powerful knockout punches to the body’s most vulnerable areas
  • To use your attacker’s physical size and strength against them
  • One simple and easy-to-learn solution for all possible attacks
  • To transform fear into devastatingly effective self-defence energy

Hänel WT™ Training Options:

Classes – Online

Monday & Wednesday evenings 5:00pm – 6:00pm.
From DoStrength Physical Culture Studio, 4454 W 10th Ave
$99 Monthly (60-minute class) – Online
*In-person classes $149/month, resume once the pandemic is over*

Private Wing Tsun Training – Online

Faster results from personal instruction!
Take home useful skills after each session.
Improve as much as you practice!

1 student – $90/45 mins
2 students – $120/45 mins
(practice outside sessions is mandatory!)

Instructor: Sifu Steve McMinn, 4TG
Grading and Seminars by: Master Ralph Hänel, 5PG

Video overview of the Wing Tsun System:
The below video is of a demonstration done by Wing Tsun Master Emin Boztepe. Sifu Emin goes throught the basics of the Wing Tsun system and demonstrates how we deal with all five ranges of combat (kicking, punching, knees & elbows, grappling and groundfighting).

This is the best such demonstration available and will give you a real and thorough introduction to this great self-defence system!