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Strength. Health. Happiness. – The DoStrength Manifesto!

When I made my very first website, SteveMcMinn.com, and shortly thereafter Fit4Real.ca in 2006, I knew I needed a descriptive tagline for my new training business.

I asked myself, “What do I feel are the most important results I can provide as a trainer?”.  It came to me pretty quickly that strength, health, and happiness are the ultimate goals when embarking on a course of self-improvement.

Here’s my very first website header:





As you can see by the ‘classic’ picture, I was, and am, very influenced by the old school Physical Culture heroes : )

I soon changed the tagline to “Strength. Health. Happiness.”, as I preferred the way it sounded.

Now, why in that order?

Firstly, I firmly believe in the StrongFirst principle that strength is a Master Quality, meaning that if you get stronger it helps all other physical endeavours. This rings absolutely true for myself and everyone I have trained.

Does this mean that we should value strength-training above all else? Of course not!  The strength we seek to build is one set upon a solid foundation of proper injury-preventative movement, and rock-solid exercise form.  These qualities are built alongside, and indeed as an integral part of your ever-increasing strength.

This ability to do more intense activities, and for a longer time, is absolutely key to moulding the body of your dreams!

From strength, we move to health.  Our stronger and more capable body allows us to experience the muscle power, joint mobility, & cardiovascular vigour so desperately missing from many people’s lives.  The renewed energy and increase in positive mood has the added benefit of influencing us to make better choices in our diet and personal habits, thus further enhancing our overall health. We also work to bring other things like our blood-pressure and body-fat to ideal levels, thus reducing the likelihood of serious negative health issues.

And finally, from health, we move to happiness.  In a strong and healthy body, our chances at happiness are greatly increased! We feel good about what we can do, how we look, and how much energy we now have.  Now, all these things give us a big leg up on happiness, but we must not neglect the most important part… Learning to love ourselves as we are now, so that our physical changes are merely an improvement, and not the ‘holy grail’ that we feel will solve all our problems.

So, actually, although strength provides the Master Quality, we really start work on health and happiness shortly thereafter, bringing us as close as possible to perfection in all three.

We must remember, of course, that perfection is something we merely strive for, knowing full well we will never reach it.  After all, if we were perfect, life would be boring, predictable, and without any sense of challenge!!!

So, this is why I do my utmost to give you Strength, Health, and Happiness!

From gym to life – kettlebell swings! [Video]

Here’s a video I did a couple years ago, before starting DoStrength. A fitness tip, for the studio I manage and train out of, Kinesiologists.ca

It’s important to be aware of how your training in the gym translates to real life.  This allows a greater ‘buy in’ to the training process, and subsequently more motivation to keep at it!