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Strength. Health. Happiness. – The DoStrength Manifesto!

When I made my very first website, SteveMcMinn.com, and shortly thereafter Fit4Real.ca in 2006, I knew I needed a descriptive tagline for my new training business. I asked myself, “What do I feel are the most important results I can provide as a trainer?”.  It came to me pretty quickly that strength, health, and happiness […]

Making a positive habit change with ‘The Number’.

This one’s pretty simple (no pun intended)! I’ve used this method to effect a number of positive changes in my life and continue to do so even today. All you do is decide you want to instil a new positive habit and then write the number ‘1’ on your hand right away. The next morning, right after you wake up, write thenumber ‘2’ on […]

Do you want to be a Strong Woman?

Women. Be Strong! Does being strong mean you have to be big and bulky? Heck no! That completely incorrect information is what scares most women away from much-needed strength. They are told to lift tiny pink and purple 5lb and 8lb weights at the gym to avoid ‘bulking up’, yet in real life are lifting everyday […]