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Strength. Health. Happiness. – The DoStrength Manifesto!

When I made my very first website, SteveMcMinn.com, and shortly thereafter Fit4Real.ca in 2006, I knew I needed a descriptive tagline for my new training business.

I asked myself, “What do I feel are the most important results I can provide as a trainer?”.  It came to me pretty quickly that strength, health, and happiness are the ultimate goals when embarking on a course of self-improvement.

Here’s my very first website header:





As you can see by the ‘classic’ picture, I was, and am, very influenced by the old school Physical Culture heroes : )

I soon changed the tagline to “Strength. Health. Happiness.”, as I preferred the way it sounded.

Now, why in that order?

Firstly, I firmly believe in the StrongFirst principle that strength is a Master Quality, meaning that if you get stronger it helps all other physical endeavours. This rings absolutely true for myself and everyone I have trained.

Does this mean that we should value strength-training above all else? Of course not!  The strength we seek to build is one set upon a solid foundation of proper injury-preventative movement, and rock-solid exercise form.  These qualities are built alongside, and indeed as an integral part of your ever-increasing strength.

This ability to do more intense activities, and for a longer time, is absolutely key to moulding the body of your dreams!

From strength, we move to health.  Our stronger and more capable body allows us to experience the muscle power, joint mobility, & cardiovascular vigour so desperately missing from many people’s lives.  The renewed energy and increase in positive mood has the added benefit of influencing us to make better choices in our diet and personal habits, thus further enhancing our overall health. We also work to bring other things like our blood-pressure and body-fat to ideal levels, thus reducing the likelihood of serious negative health issues.

And finally, from health, we move to happiness.  In a strong and healthy body, our chances at happiness are greatly increased! We feel good about what we can do, how we look, and how much energy we now have.  Now, all these things give us a big leg up on happiness, but we must not neglect the most important part… Learning to love ourselves as we are now, so that our physical changes are merely an improvement, and not the ‘holy grail’ that we feel will solve all our problems.

So, actually, although strength provides the Master Quality, we really start work on health and happiness shortly thereafter, bringing us as close as possible to perfection in all three.

We must remember, of course, that perfection is something we merely strive for, knowing full well we will never reach it.  After all, if we were perfect, life would be boring, predictable, and without any sense of challenge!!!

So, this is why I do my utmost to give you Strength, Health, and Happiness!

Making a positive habit change with ‘The Number’.

This one’s pretty simple (no pun intended)!

I’ve used this method to effect a number of positive changes in my life and continue to do so even today. All you do is decide you want to instil a new positive habit and then write the number ‘1’ on your hand right away. The next morning, right after you wake up, write thenumber ‘2’ on your hand so as to start the day with the intention that you’ll live up to this new habit all day.

It is very important to remember that you will fail!!!

When you do give in to your previous pattern of behaviour, don’t be upset, observe how you feel about it, let it go and then simply wash that day’s number off your hand and write the number ‘1’ again.

Let’s just imagine that you get to ‘5’ over and over again. That’s about 20 days a month you’ve kept up your new positive habit!

Only got to ‘3’ before starting again? That’s still 12 days out of 30 that you were able to effect a positive change in your life.  So with these two examples, you just made a 40-66% improvement!  You’ll never be perfect but you will be better than before, and that’s all that matters. Let’s face it, life would be pretty boring if we were perfect…The last thing I used this method for was to cut a bunch of sugar out of my diet. I still have sugar, just about 70% less than I used to consume, so now have a new healthier sugar habit.Currently, I’m using ‘The Number’ to stave off morning procrastination. I tend to spend too much time on Facebook and surfing the web before getting down to work, which leaves me in a rush to get things done at the end of the day. I’ve been getting to ‘5’ most of the time, so have improved my morning productivity by 66%, and thus reduced my afternoon anxiety by the same amount!Finally, to add a bit of ‘art’ to the proceedings, try to draw interesting looking numbers.
Here’s a great resource for cool fonts.Good luck with your use of ‘The Number’!Feel free to email me with your stories of success using this method.


Latest Fit Test Results – Gold Medals All Around!



Five weeks ago, my 6am & 9am Kettlebell+ Groups went through their latest fitness test. The events this time were Standing Triple Jump, Max Pushups and a 5-Minute Max 2-Hand Kettlebell Swing Test.

After 4 weeks of training and a back-off week, we re-tested with great results!  After all the tests were complete, we saw great improvements all around and everyone was awarded with a gold medal : )

The stats:

Standing Triple Jump improved overall by 5%, with an average additional distance of 8″. The best improvement was 22″!

Max Pushups improved overall by 47%, with an average of 8 additional Pushups. The best improvement was a whopping 32 Pushups!

5-Minute Max Swings improved overall by 18%, with an average of 24 additional Swings. The best improvement was an amazing 50 Reps!

I’d like to give a special shout-out to Jazz, who added an extra 35x32kg Swings and Andrea who, as the smallest member of the class, posted 213x12kg Swings non-stop!

The interesting part of this Fit Test was that we did not practice the Triple Jump or Pushups at all.  I relied on heavy support work with Kettlebell Push-Presses and Getups, along with an increased focus on heavy ab training to improve the Pushups and overspeed plus heavy Swings to improve the Triple Jump.  Swing-wise, we did 300 per week at 100 per session.

I’m very proud of my Kettlebell+ Groups and look forward to the next challenge they crush!!!

Do you want to be a Strong Woman?

Women. Be Strong!

Does being strong mean you have to be big and bulky? Heck no!

That completely incorrect information is what scares most women away from much-needed strength. They are told to lift tiny pink and purple 5lb and 8lb weights at the gym to avoid ‘bulking up’, yet in real life are lifting everyday objects that are much heavier. Just ask a mom! Or, how about pulling a heavy suitcase off the baggage carousel, doing yard and garden work, changing a flat tire or carrying a bicycle up the stairs?

These two women massively out-lift most male gym-goers.  I’ve seen it live and on video.


The video? Click here to watch it.

Just so you appreciate how much they are lifting, here’s the kg to lbs conversion:

24kg = 53lbs
32kg = 70lbs

What else to expect when real strength comes to town?

  • The loss of any extra body fat, as increased muscle mass raises your metabolism.
  • A 13% decrease in the risk of osteoporosis, with just 6 months of resistance training.
  • Your athletic and general movement performance will increase, meaning less risk of falls or non-contact injuries.
  • You’ll lower your risk of later-life chronic back pain and arthritis.
  • A reduced risk of heart disease, including reduction of ‘bad’ cholesterol.
  • An improved positive attitude.  Strength training is clinically proven to make you happier!
Good reasons to be strong!
For the next three months, join me and two strength-seeking women as we focus on improving:

Pushups, Pullups, and Deadlifts.

The Pushup provides total upper body strength and tone. This includes the arms, abs, back and shoulders. Just look at Lauren and Katie’s arms above!

Pullups build a strong and toned back, yet are also one of the best abdominal exercises known to sport science.

A strong Deadlift will give you the butt you have always wanted.  That is simply the undisputed truth!

The 30-minute classes will train these three lifts, with the goals being:

At least one full perfect-form Pushup off the floor.
At least one full chin-over-the-bar Pullup.
A 1 to 1.5x bodyweight barbell Deadlift

Now these may seem like rather lofty goals, but I believe we can achieve them, or get closer than ever before, with 12 weeks of dedicated effort.

Imagine the focus you’ll start your day with! 

Beyond the twelve weeks and armed with the tools to achieve these feats, you will continue to get stronger, look better, and feel great!

I have space for three women who want to achieve above-average strength, plus make a permanent difference in their appearance and performance.

This group of Strong Women trains Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00am.

The cost for the 12 week program is $599 and requires a commitment from July 8th through September 25th.

Sound interesting?  Click here to contact me if you would like one of these three spots reserved for you.

Let me teach you to be STRONG WOMEN, for life!