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Intermediate Workshop – Enter The Kettlebell

*As my classes are currently close to capacity (only 1 spot left in the 9am class), I also offering offering an ‘Enter The Kettlebell’ Self-Training Workshop. At the moment, this is replacing the standard Intro Workshop.  

Contact me for info on scheduling 1-on-1 sessions for admission to classes.

This workshop is 2-hours long and teaches the Mobility, Warm-up, Techniques and Workouts from Pavel Tsatsouline’s bible of kettlebell training, Enter The Kettlebell.

The next ETK Workshop is Saturday November 9th at 2:00pm.

This book and its training programs are the ideal starting points for anyone interested in learning to use kettlebells.  In fact, this is the book most current SFG and RKC instructors first learned from.

My kettlebell journey began with ETK, and the programs built my strength and conditioning to never-before-seen levels… at the tender age of 34! 

As you can see from the pictures below, even though I was in pretty good shape, my physique became more solid and muscular, and most importantly my strength almost doubled with only an extra 10lbs of muscle added.

Kettlebell training gets you very strong without the bulk you’d assume comes with it!

In the summer, I tend to do the ETK programs again and always manage to work up to 80-100 Pull-ups per session.  If you are a female, and have always dreamed of doing a Pull-up, the ETK programs will take you there.


And talk about simple! The number of major exercises in each program are never more than 3.  This will help anyone who is stuck “majoring in the minors” at the gym and not seeing any real results.

Workshop Participants also receive a workbook that takes you through the entire kettlebell training program outlined in ETK. You can start your journey to unparalleled fitness and an unbelievably nice looking body the day after taking the workshop.  In addition, I’ll be adding a private forum to my website where those training on their own can ask questions and discuss their progress.

I strongly recommend ordering the book as a reference.  Click here to do so.

*In order to assure everyone gets ample one-on-one time, the ETK Workshop is strictly limited to 6 participants. Make sure to reserve your spot by registering below.

Now is the time to start working smartly on that summertime body, a body you will then be able to keep year-round, like I do.  Let me help you get off the “getting ready for summer” roundabout and show you the way to always be strong, healthy and happy!

*If you are on the wait-list for my classes,this will be the best way for you to stay prepared for when a spot opens up or extra classes are added.

This is also a great introduction to kettlebells for those trainers wishing to become certified at November’s StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell Certification right here in Vancouver!

*All Vancouver Workshops are held at Kinesiologists.ca (private studio),
#1-1698 West 6th Ave / Pine St (map).

2013 ETK Workshop Dates:
Saturday, November 9th – 2:00pm

Pre-registration is mandatory.
$99 (2 hrs)

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5 Ways To ‘Improve’ Your Workouts

Today, I got a great email from Master RKC Geoff Neupert of http://kettlebellsecrets.com

He titled it, 5 little known ways to screw up your kettlebell workouts.  : )

What he’s really giving you is a roadmap for organizing/optimizing your fitness training, no matter what type of resistance you use!

Check it out: 

Here are 5 ways people screw up their kettlebell workouts:

1. Technique work before strength work

Always work your technique before anything else – while
you’re still fresh and have energy.

This lays the foundation for all work to come – strength,
conditioning, whatever. Cause when you get tired, your
technique will go to heck in a hamburger if you don’t have
it dialed in from the start.

2. Strength work before conditioning

This seems like a no-brainer, but with the industry’s fixation
on “MetCon” these days, this just gets lost on most people.

They just love to feel like they’ve been “worked out.”

Problem is, 12 weeks later you don’t have much to show for it.

Train your strength while your nervous system and your energy
systems are fresh. Then polish it off with some conditioning.

3. Train your priorities first

Do you have  a major goal? A focus? A burning desire?

Then train that first – all the time. Until you reach your goal.

Make everything else a slave to that priority.

4. If you want to get rid of weaknesses, train them first

Sometimes, you can train your priorities all day long and get
absolutely nowhere. Like my last couple of years Olympic lifting.

You know why?

Cause you have a weakness holding you back. And until
you find and eliminate that weakness, you’ll keep banging
your head against the wall.

That’s cool if you like the bruise on your forehead, but if
you want to start seeing results again, put everything else
on the back burner in maintenance mode and get rid of
this weakness.

5. Too much volume

Volume is simply just the total amount of work you do in any
given session – sets x reps x weight.

The right amount of volume is great for certain things at
certain times, but not ALL the time.

It’s amazing how many people just don’t know this.

Your volume must be kept in check otherwise you can burn
yourself out – lose your motivation, get injured, or just plain
ol’ regress.

Whether you are training for strength, size or fat loss, Geoff has a proven program for you. Check out all his amazing testimonials!

For some of the best kettlebell training programs available today, go to  http://kettlebellsecrets.com!!!