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Why amateurs should train like professionals!

A great post on the StrongFirst Blog, by our Chief Instructor Pavel.
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Why indeed would we train with “mass-market non-sense” when the proven methods of the pros work best?

Don’t be fooled by the flavour of the month, or what some celebrity is being paid to endorse.  The best results come from mastering the basics, building a platform upon which to construct your own pyramid of physical power!

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Sage advice from my Acupuncturist!

From Acupuncturist Avery Yackel, comes some great advice for the New Year and beyond!

As a New Year begins, many of us tend to make resolutions for ourselves, whether it’s losing weight, getting in better shape, or improving our overall health.

Unfortunately, most resolutions – however good-intentioned they may begin – don’t seem to last for very long. Our modern society, with a focus on quick fixes, immediate results, and instant gratification, makes it easy to fall back into old habits and patterns.

In the East, a different approach to self-improvement is taken. In fact, much could actually be learned from the Japanese manufacturing field where they used a concept known as “kaizen” to become world leaders in the automotive and electronics industries.

Rather than looking for huge breakthroughs and dramatic progress, kaizen is an approach to improving overall quality by making small, continuous improvements in day-to-day tasks. Over a period of time,
these small, seemingly insignificant changes add up and the entire production line and final end product achieves a much higher level of quality.

A similar method can also be applied to our own health resolutions and help us reach our goals:

1) Small changes – although dramatic changes may seem more exciting, it’s the daily mundane details that usually have the greatest impact on us. Going for a 15 minute walk at lunch hour and doing some deep breathing for 5 minutes before sleep may not seem like much, but it’s small changes like these that can add up throughout the day.

2) Continuous improvement – once we’ve added a few good habits and made them a regular part of our daily lives, we can look for a few more to add, being aware that trying to start too many at once can
be overwhelming.

3) Long-term Commitment – because smaller changes don’t tend to be as noticeable, we need to give ourselves time to see the results. Health problems rarely happen overnight – they usually develop over
a period of time, and the same is true for good health.

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Guest Post: Getting Out of Our Own Way

By Bryce Norman – Success Coach

See Bryce’s blog at http://infiniteunlimited.blogspot.com/

Often, throughout the journey of our lives, we find ourselves in places that if we had a choice for a “do over “ or a mulligan we really would take it. These places can be so dark and lonely, so full of stress, so draining on our loved ones, and so straining on our relationships, that one would fathom to call these places Hell.

Someone once said if you are going through Hell don’t stop!! However too often we find ourselves in these places of crisis or extreme discomfort and sometimes we don’t know what else to do except stop. I’m writing to let you all know that this is OK.

The pressure and stress we feel is very natural through the process of growth and change. The interesting part about us as humans is that we have the power of choice, but sometimes we forget that we do. So we unknowingly stay in a place of prolonged stress or suffering. We resist change, and we don’t use choice in order to change the experience. We can definitely get in our own way. We feel stuck and think this is all there is. But just as we can be in a place of resistance (that’s a choice folks) we can also choose to get out of our own way. This happens with the awareness that we have a wealth of options at any given moment and then by simply choosing the better option. There is always something waiting to unfold in our favour.

So today make the choice for what you want and get out of your way by doing what needs to be done. That’s your mulligan: The act of choosing something better. When you crest the plateau make sure you also enjoy the experience of the rise and celebrate it. Your destination must always be in sight, however your focus must remain in the present moment……enjoy the journey to your success.