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Do you want to be a Strong Woman?

Women. Be Strong!

Does being strong mean you have to be big and bulky? Heck no!

That completely incorrect information is what scares most women away from much-needed strength. They are told to lift tiny pink and purple 5lb and 8lb weights at the gym to avoid ‘bulking up’, yet in real life are lifting everyday objects that are much heavier. Just ask a mom! Or, how about pulling a heavy suitcase off the baggage carousel, doing yard and garden work, changing a flat tire or carrying a bicycle up the stairs?

These two women massively out-lift most male gym-goers.  I’ve seen it live and on video.


The video? Click here to watch it.

Just so you appreciate how much they are lifting, here’s the kg to lbs conversion:

24kg = 53lbs
32kg = 70lbs

What else to expect when real strength comes to town?

  • The loss of any extra body fat, as increased muscle mass raises your metabolism.
  • A 13% decrease in the risk of osteoporosis, with just 6 months of resistance training.
  • Your athletic and general movement performance will increase, meaning less risk of falls or non-contact injuries.
  • You’ll lower your risk of later-life chronic back pain and arthritis.
  • A reduced risk of heart disease, including reduction of ‘bad’ cholesterol.
  • An improved positive attitude.  Strength training is clinically proven to make you happier!
Good reasons to be strong!
For the next three months, join me and two strength-seeking women as we focus on improving:

Pushups, Pullups, and Deadlifts.

The Pushup provides total upper body strength and tone. This includes the arms, abs, back and shoulders. Just look at Lauren and Katie’s arms above!

Pullups build a strong and toned back, yet are also one of the best abdominal exercises known to sport science.

A strong Deadlift will give you the butt you have always wanted.  That is simply the undisputed truth!

The 30-minute classes will train these three lifts, with the goals being:

At least one full perfect-form Pushup off the floor.
At least one full chin-over-the-bar Pullup.
A 1 to 1.5x bodyweight barbell Deadlift

Now these may seem like rather lofty goals, but I believe we can achieve them, or get closer than ever before, with 12 weeks of dedicated effort.

Imagine the focus you’ll start your day with! 

Beyond the twelve weeks and armed with the tools to achieve these feats, you will continue to get stronger, look better, and feel great!

I have space for three women who want to achieve above-average strength, plus make a permanent difference in their appearance and performance.

This group of Strong Women trains Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00am.

The cost for the 12 week program is $599 and requires a commitment from July 8th through September 25th.

Sound interesting?  Click here to contact me if you would like one of these three spots reserved for you.

Let me teach you to be STRONG WOMEN, for life!