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Latest Fit Test Results – Gold Medals All Around!



Five weeks ago, my 6am & 9am Kettlebell+ Groups went through their latest fitness test. The events this time were Standing Triple Jump, Max Pushups and a 5-Minute Max 2-Hand Kettlebell Swing Test.

After 4 weeks of training and a back-off week, we re-tested with great results!  After all the tests were complete, we saw great improvements all around and everyone was awarded with a gold medal : )

The stats:

Standing Triple Jump improved overall by 5%, with an average additional distance of 8″. The best improvement was 22″!

Max Pushups improved overall by 47%, with an average of 8 additional Pushups. The best improvement was a whopping 32 Pushups!

5-Minute Max Swings improved overall by 18%, with an average of 24 additional Swings. The best improvement was an amazing 50 Reps!

I’d like to give a special shout-out to Jazz, who added an extra 35x32kg Swings and Andrea who, as the smallest member of the class, posted 213x12kg Swings non-stop!

The interesting part of this Fit Test was that we did not practice the Triple Jump or Pushups at all.  I relied on heavy support work with Kettlebell Push-Presses and Getups, along with an increased focus on heavy ab training to improve the Pushups and overspeed plus heavy Swings to improve the Triple Jump.  Swing-wise, we did 300 per week at 100 per session.

I’m very proud of my Kettlebell+ Groups and look forward to the next challenge they crush!!!