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Lunch-and-Learn Text Neck & Posture Workshops

Kickstart your fight against Computer Posture & Text Neck by having DoStrength’s Steve McMinn come to your workplace for a lunch-and-learn workshop.

You’ll learn:

  • Why poor posture with our computers & mobile devices is leading to one of the biggest health epidemics of our time.
  • What to do about it, with proper performance of the Anti Text Neck Exercises.
  • A self-screening protocol for your neck, shoulders and hips, and the corrective exercises to bring you to a healthy, neutral posture.
  • Fun and interactive workplace challenges to make taking control back from screens and the phone easy and do-able.
  • The key to continuing a consistent habitual practice, which is what we need to make sure these postural changes stick, so as to lead a future life free from the multitude of health risks associated with poor posture!

We’ll also have time for a Q&A at the end of the session, so have your questions ready!

One-Hour Workshop Rates:
Base Rate: 1-6 Employees $500
7 or more Employees: Base Rate +$25 per additional person.
*Each participant receives a portable “posture pack” of exercise tools to keep at their desk, enhancing their proper posture practice.
Please contact DoStrength here for larger corporate event rates.

Let’s work together to set the example for everyone that we CAN fight back against the physical ravages of mobile technology and use it to our benefit, without any of the entirely preventable negative side effects!