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RealFitness™ Training

Let’s face it, everyone wants to look better in a swimsuit.

What if you could look the way you wanted to, while at the same time forging an athletically able and physically durable body?

With three of the world’s most advanced training systems, FMS Functional Movement Screening, Ground Force Method, and the StrongFirst™ School of Strength and Conditioning, we’ll make that happen faster than you ever thought possible!

All clients, whether Personal, Semi-Private or Small-Group, are first put through a Functional Movement Screen assessment to determine what movements their bodies are ready for. The training is then customized to address and repair specific weaknesses shown to be the markers for risk of a later injury.

With the FMS, we are able to ensure the body returns to a state of symmetry, and can proceed through its transformation while working at high-intensity and free from injury.

The FMS screen is used successfully as injury-prevention, performance-enhancement and career-extension in the NFL, NHL and other professional sports leagues. Additionally, over a 6-year period, the FMS screen and corrective exercises reduced time lost to injuries by 62% in the Orange County California Fire Department!

Steve McMinn, SFG has been personally taught and certified in the FMS and corrective exercises by its creator Gray Cook of www.functionalmovement.com, and StrongFirst™ Master Instructor Brett Jones.

Using the FMS principles, Master SFG Instructor Peter Lakatos created the Ground Force Method system.  Based on primitive patterns/movements like crawling, squatting, rolling and balancing, GFM helps to restore lost mobility and improves the body’s posture & alignment.

We use Ground Force Method to warm the body up in preparation for loaded training.

As we work to return the body to its strongest, safest and most-balanced movements, the StrongFirst School of Strength and Conditioning will work to blast off fat and add lean, toned muscle to your increasingly impressive frame. Just as tension and relaxation are the two sides of the performance coin, in the StrongFirst training system safety is viewed as a part of, not the opposite of, performance.

This HardStyle school of kettlebell training demands you to be present and aware at all times as you learn to use your entire body to generate never before seen strength and stamina. There is a reason why the StrongFirst community is home to some of the strongest and most well-conditioned men and women on the planet!

An RKC/SFG Certified Instructor since February 2009, Steve will get you into the best shape of your life and provide you with the tools to ensure constant injury-free improvement.

Be prepared to have the time of your life on the journey to strength, health and happiness… guaranteed!

Training Options:

Personal and Semi-Private Training
Kettlebell+ Group Training
Small-Group Training