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Strength. Health. Happiness. – The DoStrength Manifesto!

When I made my very first website, SteveMcMinn.com, and shortly thereafter Fit4Real.ca in 2006, I knew I needed a descriptive tagline for my new training business. I asked myself, “What do I feel are the most important results I can provide as a trainer?”.  It came to me pretty quickly that strength, health, and happiness […]

Tenno’s every-minute Zen, locking my car door, and how it can help us to be more mindful about what we eat.

Let me start by relating a story: Zen students are with their masters at least ten years before they presume to teach others. Nan-in was visited by Tenno, who, having passed his apprenticeship, had become a teacher. The day happened to be rainy, so Tenno wore wooden clogs and carried an umbrella. After greeting him […]

Evidence we’re becoming a physically weaker species!

Click here to read an article about the book Manthropology – The Science Of The Inadequate Modern Male. The author, Australian anthropologist Peter McAllister, claims among other things that Australian aboriginals would have beaten Usain Bolt in the 100-metres, given modern training and equipment. It is indeed true that most modern men and women are […]

Moving home, stronger and lighter!

Just wanted to share a note I got from a couple I trained since early last year. “Thanks for your training in Vancouver, and helping us both get back on the plane to Australia with a lot less extra weight (nearly 44lbs between us)!” Even more proof that hard work, dietary discipline and Kettlebell/FMS-based full-body […]